Samsung Meal Planner App & Chatbot UX Design


Meal Planner


Product Designer supporting the Director of Innovation Programs within Samsung's Product Innovation Team (P.I.T.).

The Product Innovation Team is a design lab that originates concepts that go on to be developed by the core Engineering and Product Design groups at HQ.


• Director of Innovation Programs - drove all core ideas for Meal Planner
• Lead Engineer - based locally
• Engineering - team of 4 in India created working concepts
• Product Designer, Mark Stanton - responsible for all visual and user interaction design needed to flesh out the Director’s vision

What I actually did:

• General concepts to communicate the Director's vision.
• Concepts to quickly communicate food freshness.
• Concepts to present a clearer understanding of fridge contents to users.
• Prototyping for all concepts.
• Participation in week-long design and user-testing sprint led by the Director and including the UX/UI Team from Samsung HQ.

What I can say:

Winner "Best of Innovation" at the 2018 CES Show.

Announced at CES 2018, Samsung's Meal Planner is about to join the suite of apps available on the Family Hub series of smart refrigerators.
Meal Planner allows a users to plan meals based on personal preferences, dietary restrictions, and expiration dates.
As a proof of concept we (the Team) developed a chatbot to demonstrate Meal Planner using APIs to the Calendar, Food List, Shopping list, and Recipe App.


Meal Planner is announced at Samsung's 2018 CES Keynote Address (about 28s).

Screenshots From The Keynote:


Concept for selecting fridge items for search


More to come after release...